What are spaces and topics?

Spaces are areas that you can use to organize your community. They are so flexible that you can use them for whatever you'd like. For example, they can represent a unit that you are teaching in class or an area that can help your students keep track of their progress for a specific project.

Each space is a collection of topics, and each topic is a place where you and your students can submit entries in multiple formats. For example, one topic can be a place where your students can brainstorm their thoughts about what they would like to do for an upcoming project. Another topic could be where you can submit supplemental videos or articles on certain concepts as additional resources for your students.

Here is an example of a space and a topic:

The picture below shows the page for a space called Web Design Project. At the moment, it only has one topic called "Logo Designs."

If we click on the topic, it has a collection of images from students in the class that represent drafts of what they want their website's logos to look like.

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